Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To "KARL" or not to "KARL"...?

Ready, set, blast off. The "KARL" line by Karl Lagerfeld officially launched this morning! There is no denying Karl Lagerfeld's legendary genius. He is "THE KING" among poppers in the fashion world. I have studied and watched his every move for over a decade now, so naturally the anticipation of his new line "KARL" has been intense for me. I hypothesized to myself... "Is he going to go the uber cheap and less quality route to reach mass markets?", "Will he go over the top with design and overprice it?", or "Will he label it with K's in an effort to separate himself from the Coco Chanel house name?".  I truly was hoping that this line would be collectively androgynous and timeless. That way if I were to... indulge.. in a piece or two (insert grinchy smirk here)... I could wear it with versatility for years to come. 

Fun tidbit about the launch of KARL: There was some controversy about Net-a-Porter's site crashing at the moment of launch this morning due to the immense amount of web traffic. A spokesperson from Net-a-Porter actually released a quote to reassure people that they had taken measures to be sure that this would not occur:

"We pride ourselves on meeting tremendous demand on a daily basis. Introducing a brand like KARL is likely to generate unprecedented traffic so we have strengthened the measures we take to protect against lapses in service and have high hopes that we will be able to provide a seamless customer experience for all those wishing to buy from the collection."

How insane is that?! After reading that quote this morning, I tried to relax, make my pot of coffee, bundle up on the couch with my MacBook, and calmly hop onto Net-a-Porter to check out the launch of the new KARL line. Not like another rabid dog like those you see in the scary lines at H&M when a designer collaboration launches.  Load, load, load. Boom, there it was... like a story being told... I was looking at  beautifully constructed pieces of art. I was pleasantly surprised that Karl designed right up my ally! Just for the record, my page loaded smoothly. Bravo to Net-a-Porter's tech team. 

My break down of the KARL line is this: The pieces are not too "label-y" and I don't feel like he got too wrapped up in branding every single piece of his collection. The designs are playful and feminine with a clear deliverance of a punk tomboy twist. He plays exactly to my style using soft silhouettes while incorporating leather, PVC and harder materials that inherently edge up the over all look. Presto chango... he got my everyday aesthetic down pat. I passed over some of the dresses, bags and tops with his illustrations on them as they were too faddish for my taste, but the more basic pieces I seriously lived for. My top picks are below. If there is one way to describe my recent choice color palette, I'd say: "black, white, and sequin." And well, that is pretty much the premise of the whole KARL line so I am drooling on my computer here while I write up this review. I am thrilled to see Karl make a straightforward, palpable line outside of Chanel and apart from the celebrity campaigns. It ignites the devotee of fashion in me to see one of my icons design a simple cohesive collection that evokes his talent for creating clean constructive garments. To me, this line embodies Karl's personal everyday tuxedo wear, mixed with biker chic, a splash of Michael Jackson's 80's sequins, and 90's unisex punk skater wear. All these things are my go-to's anyway! So to "KARL" or not to "KARL" ? I say yes.

x. juliana

Sabine Sequined Shorts: $270

If there is one piece I will be grabbing, it's this Blanca top. It so epitomizes my idea of the perfect white collared shirt. I am screaming inside. It's so sexy, edgy and classy all at once. I would wear this top with trousers like above, with biker shorts and high tops for a tomboy look, with a white lace skirt and nude pumps for an elegant lady like look, with distressed jean shorts and Lanvin flats in the summer for a lived in day look, or with leather pants to go for a full biker chic look. The ensemble options are literally limitless with this top. This is a must have for my wardrobe.

Sachi Pleated Faux Leather Skirt: $160
Sequined Poplin Collar: $175. Yep, I am gonna need all three of these.
Sless Denim Biker Vest: $540 First thought, I said to myself,  "Hmm.. a little Easter Bunny, meets biker, meets Pepto Bismol trimmed in leather? But I weirdly love this construction?" Then I scrolled to the image of the back of the vest and I died everywhere over the genius incorporation of leather. This piece is too full of personality to not love. I adore that Karl plays on the young juvenile side of femininity while still infusing some tomboy. I need this piece.

Eh, you either love PVC or you hate it. I became a PVC-aholic back when I bought my first pair of  Les Chiffoniers pants in 09' (the year the line debuted). My other two icons, Christophe Decarnin for Balmain and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy made massive waves in the fashion world with their 08' and 09' Spring and Fall RTW collections. They both paved the road for a new way to incorporate these materials into a wardrobe without making an ensemble look trashy or cheap.  PVC, latex and leather started trickling it's way down into stores soon after in 2010 with the help of Christophe and Riccardo inspiring designers everywhere. Now we see it in Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc. Since I had always been attracted to tougher materials mixed with softer silhouettes, I jumped right into this "iffy" trend back in 09'. I am happy to report that it's here to stay now with Karl's reinforcement. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Love With: Canopy Beds and Him.

Ah, Happy New Year guys. Doesn't it feel like a clean slate? I love the beginning of January. Something about it makes me slow down and just think about what all I have to honestly be thankful for right now. blah blah, I am kidding. I won't do that. (kind of) With that cheesiness starting to be written out... I'll cut to the chase. I have so loved being in Nashville since John and I moved from LA. Having a home, loading it up with tons of fabulous new furniture, cooking every night, and getting to play "wife".. (soon I won't be playing anymore.. we have our wedding date!) Life is good, life is simple, life is full of love.  

The one teensy thing I really have left that I need/want/am craving for is.... a canopy bed. HA! Really? I know. That is ridiculous. But seriously, how much time do we spend in our beds? A bed is important. We sleep there, feel safe there, escape from life there. John and I are thinking about building one. We have had this little archive of inspiration on my computer for ages, so I thought for this post I'd give fashion a rest and do a semi-interior design post. Some beds are legit and some are completely outrageous for fun. I've also included some of my favorite photographs of couples that I have collected as I am a hopeless romantic and these make me happy. I hope you're all doing amazing and had a beautiful holiday!

much, much love.

x. juliana

love. love. love. rolling around in clean white sheets. telling secrets.
 where nothing else on earth can reach you.
my favorite. I cannot deal with this. so rustic. so us.
best place on earth. giggling in bed where no one can find you.
another one we love. so easy to build.
not wanting the day to start.
this is what most of our mornings look like over our french press. I love this photo so much.
like magic.
nothing feels better than that. his. arms. around. me.
add a canopy to the top. get some salvaged wood. etch in a quote. done.
 nothing is getting done this morning. 
I love this. I love this. I looove this.
 if there was no man involved. bahaha. a pink explosion might occur.
can I lay in your lap for one more minute?
 how about a canopy bed here?
nothing outside of this exists.
 sometimes the guitar makes a cameo in the bed. I like it when this happens.
 lazy afternoon.
 what an amazing shot. I adore this. sweet little nap time.
 breathing him in.

can I just say... I want to live here. maybe if I was a fairy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Outfit Inspiration from my favorite A-list Fashion Icons.

Ahhh, crisp Fall breezes, orange and yellow leaves, the smell of charcoal, and pumpkin spice lattes. I have planted two yellow mums in my front yard and have four pumpkins... I would say I am becoming more and more domesticated by the day having a house in the south now. ;-) And ohhhh, how I have missed having seasons! As much as I adored living in Los Angeles for the past 5 years, it really did feel like "one long sunny day". Autumn has always been my favorite time of year and I am adoring this weather in Nashville right now. 

With that being said, I am now getting the chance to dress for my "favorite season" once again! Below, I have gathered a few streetstyle shots from my A-list fashion icons to get our fashion wheels turning. I have been craving some fresh ensemble ideas since I finally have a walk in closet again! Yipppeee!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

x. juliana

I'm having a difficult time peeling my eyes off of Olivia Palermo this morning in this killer Giambattista Valli dress. As usual my favorite classy fashion icon has accessorized herself perfectly with Wunderkind sunglasses and Charlotte Olympia pumps. Gah, what I would give her wardrobe. It seriously just hurts my heart!
Kiera Knightley always has the best little dresses that I invariably swoon over. This is most likely because she keeps a nice revolving door of frocks coming from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Valentino, Rodarte, Elie Saab, and Jenny Packham... five of my favorite designers for great day time original looking dresses.  Here Kiera dons an Elie Saab frock at "A Dangerous Method" premiere in Toronto. Classic, ladylike, almost Edwardian paired with Miu Miu pumps. Oh, and can we please take a moment of silence to look at the back of this dress! So conservative looking from the front and then you turn around and see the whole back is cut out, boom! So sexy and original! She definitely gets my vote for best dressed!
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing The Row at The New York Film Festival just a few days ago. Fresh off the press... ohhh these furs! Gimme, gimme, gimme. MK's is just slaying me. I need it!!! Leather with the bomber fur sleeves. Woah! Obsessed!
 An oldie but goodie. I pulled this one out of my Kate Bosworth archives from last February- where she was leaving a London hotel. ;-). It's nothing new to my regular readers that I have a total love affair with Kate. I truly believe that she has never made a bad fashion choice. I completely adore her. Here she is sporting a bad ass Burberry Prorsum Quilted Leather Biker Jacket, Cutler and Gross Sunglasses, Derek Lam Ram's Head Buffalo Leather Mini Handbag, and a Derek Lam skirt. I can't deal with how darling the preppy skirt is mixed with the casual thrown on grey tee, then the harsh biker jacket and boots. This is SO completely the way I dress most days. Yet, she still carries herself like such a classy woman. That combination is a rarity these days. Kate is one of a kind! I love her to pieces!

 Oh, Hermione. You get all the good stuff! This Prada white collared frock is so charming, right?! Had to include this one! I would wear this little baby year round! I just love Emma Watson so much. ;) This piece reminds me of something my bestie, Liza, would wear. Be sure to check out her blog at, Fashion Over Groceries. It's darling and her shopping finds are killer! ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Back!!! Let's pick out some F/W Coats and Boots!

Hi baby loves! Wow, it is good to be back and blogging! I have missed you all so, so, so, so, so much! I can not even begin to tell you!

Ok, so HERE is my big news! John (my fiance) and I officially no longer live in Los Angeles. We moved to Nashville, TN 3 weeks ago! I have been driving across the country, moving in, getting settled, and playing Suzy domestic homemaker here in our DARLING new house in East Nashville. We have been planning this move for a little while now and finally pulled the trigger! We threw everything... well not threw, but gently placed everything in a big 22 foot moving truck... (my wardrobe is fragile! baha) and drove our whole life across the country! We have family and close friends here in Nashville, so we are ecstatic to be based here now! East Nashville is essentially the equivalent to Silver Lake in LA or Tribeca in NYC. It is totally our scene and we are in love with our neighborhood! Nashville is packed full with loads of eccentric artists, stylists, musicians, photographers, designers... you name it... it's all here... and John and I feel right at home. ;) The old stereotype of, "Nashville is just for country music", absolutely does not apply anymore!!! In fact, it's almost shocking how much Nashville has grown and changed!

So without further ado... onward to blogging, my loves! I have returned, relocated and am ready to dive back into sharing all my fashion tales with you gorgeous babes!

For my first post here in Nashville... Where it's now getting chilly, I decided it would be apropos to do a delicious chock full post of all my dream Fall/Winter coats and boots! I have not experienced a real winter in over 5 years since I was living in sunny LA! Ekkk! Here are my picks below. ;) Let me know which ones are your favorites! I hope you have all been fantastic! Much love!

x. juliana 

Look 1: "The New Classic"

Rebecca Minkoff Eniko Coat, $698.
LD Tuttle Shaper Over the Knee Boots, $826. (We all know about my addiction to LD boots!)

Look 2: "Unique and Colorful"

Look 3:  "On the Edge"

Rag & Bone Brent Textured Wool Blend Coat, $795. (obsssssessed.)

Look 4: "Modern Tomboy"

 Look 5: "Preppy Gal"

Zero+Maria Cornejo Hooded Boucle Coat, $1,150.

Now we must have a "dream pant" to wear under all of these fabulous coats don't we? Here I have hand picked a gorgeous chocolate brown pant from ours truly, J Brand. These J Brand 912 Pencil Leg Jeans have been stretched and treated to give off a nice leather look that I am absolutely salivating over! (If anyone is struggling on Christmas present ideas for me... you can snatch these for me in a size 25!!! wink, wink! ;-) baha!)

J Brand 912 Pencil Leg Jeans, $251.

There ya have it, darlings! Let the votes come in!