Friday, June 17, 2011

But We're In Vegas, Baby...

The other weekend one of my best girlfriends, Christina, and her boyfriend, Tim, were in town. The four of us enjoyed a few days here in LA having a massive slumber party together and then we road tripped out to Vegas for the weekend. While John and I enjoyed a delicious suite at The Palms, Christina and Tim scored a suite at the brand new Cosmopolitan since his band, The Whigs, were performing there. It was fantastic because we got to enjoy both hotels. Double rooms, pools, restaurants, clubs, and spas! Of course, I would never leave town without my baby Canon 5d to snap some rad travel pics. So without further adieu... here they are! Happy short week, lover heads.

x. juliana

 Snuggling John at the Bamboo Pool at The Cosmopolitan. 
 Back at my place in LA having a BBQ.
 Whipping up guacamole and steak salad for all of my lovers.
 All our boys... John, Tim, and kitty Omar.
 Enjoying some drinks with Christina before laying out.
Laughing hysterically. 
 So gorgeous.
 Afternoon sun with some of my favorite people on the planet.

 After all, she is a model. I had to snap a few of that perfect little face of hers. ;)
Dance, Dance!
 View from the room at night.  Ridiculous. 
 The Bellagio lights!!!
John's and my room at The Palms. Ugh, LOVE. I want to go back and roll around in that bed.


  1. Loved the sun glasses and the white top with fluffy shoulders you were wearing. Day like this is a must!

    If you get a chance, come visit my fashion blog



    “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

  2. oh GOOD!!! intoxicating post..i wanted MORE pics!! :PP

  3. envy post! haha everything looks fantastic, especially the room! <3

    thanks for following me, i'm following you back :)


  4. Love Love Love the pics :) Was in Vegas myself 4 years ago - and now I am longing to go back :)

    Warm greetings from Denmark :)

    /Katrine from

  5. LOVE your pics! Makes me miss vegas even after going on memorial weekend, which i recommend NOT to go (too crowded). Your jewelry is amazing!!!!



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