Friday, June 17, 2011

Crisp White Ensembles

I crave "all white" ensembles when it starts to get warm out. Well, I live in Los Angeles so that's all the time I guess, but don't let the weather fool you out here. It is seriously chilly at night until we officially hit summer. I love nothing more than laying out by the pool all day, taking a quick shower, braiding my hair all the way around my head, rubbing lotion all over myself, and wearing a loosely fitted head to toe white ensemble to juxtapose my newly sun kissed skin. I mean, what is sexier than that? This shoot for Elle UK this month shows exactly what I am talking about and Vanessa Hegelmaier is one of my favorite models. Isn't she stunning? I love how Matthias Vriens-McGrath shot her with hardly any make-up on and her hair messy. Perfection. Mascara and lip gloss, baby... That's all ya need with a light tan! 

x. juliana

This Dolce & Gabbana dress killlllls me.
This skirt!!! Can you stand it??? So beautiful!

Styled by: Anne-Marie Curtis