Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl Crush: Gillian Zinser

A few weeks ago my good girl friend, Erin, from StyleSectionLA invited me to go to the Jerome/Freeway Eyewear party at Soho House in West Hollywood. The exclusive fashion event was filled to the brim with stylish young ladies, such as Bee Shaffer (as in Anna Wintour's daughter), Gia Coppola, Nathalie and Laura Love and Z Berg (from The Like). I will do a post on Z Berg another day. I met Z at a Nylon Magazine fashion event and I am in love with her style as well. Yet among all of this A list fashion royalty running rampant, Gillian Zinser flounced around the party in a gorgeous floor length Jerome dress with an entrancing aura about her. I couldn't help but stalkishly stare a bit which is so unlike me! I have been in the room with countless celebrities. I've danced next to Justin Timberlake, shared tables at clubs with Leonardo DiCaprio and have always remained  completely calm, cool and collected. The silly celeb list goes on and on but this girl was just so damn cool, it was hard to look away!

I constantly feel like I am running low on girls my age that inspire me with their natural street style. After spending an evening with this adorable chick, I decided to do a post to share more of her style with you all! My favorite ensemble is her sequined moo moo. Um, are you kidding me? I laughed out loud and exclaimed to myself "God! Finally! Someone wearing a piece with character!"  John laughed at me and said,"Oh, what now?! What did you find?" Peering over my Mac, he agreed with my new found love for Gillian. He completely gets my weird sense of fashion. If he didn't, I probably wouldn't be marrying him! Ha. Since I don't watch the TV show, I learned by checking out her bio that she is the newest character, Ivy, on 90210. Another actress having a little bit of "model off the runway" flare... rare to find and I am into it! There are just a few outfits photographed of Gillian thus far, as she is still a bit under the radar (hence, my exposé). I will be searching for more of her looks and keeping you guys updated. She is gorgeous and totally experimental with abandon. This rare type of fashionista has me staring and wanting more!  PS: Her hair is to die for! Can we talk about that? Hope you're all doing great! I'm off to run to Larchmont Village... I'm in the mood for some new jewelry. ;)

x. juliana

Pics from Soho House Jerome/Freeway Eyewear Party:
Gillian with Emily Jerome.
Rockin' some Freeway Sunglasses. Ha, she picked up the exact same pair that I tried on. Good taste, love.
 Z Berg and Emily Jerome.
 Here is a collage of our attendees from our little fête.
 Bee Shaffer, Nathalie Love, Emily Jerome and Rebecca Shwartz.

My favorite streetstyle pics:
Perfection. Head to toe. 
Her upper body looks killer in that unitard and what are those necklaces? They're fabulous.
The skirt. The purse. Amazing.
My second favorite look. This cloak is so bad ass.
A fur with painter jeans? Yes, I will be emulating this look asap.
Love the pink in her hair. Reminds me of when mine was pink! And who knots a dress like that? So unique!
This is borderline MK. Still adore it though.
Darling cover up.
 Great photo. Great bracelet. 
Black tights and light washed cut offs. A staple look.
 Nice stack!
I mean... could she get any cuter?
Look at that face! She is gorgeous!


  1. Gillian Zinser is gorgeous and I want everything in her wardrobe - nice post x

  2. i wish the people i knew were as stylish as all of these girls.

    thank you for following. i am now doing the same :)


  3. she is so gorgeous and has such a cool sense of style!

  4. I really love your blog. I follow U! :)
    Maybe if you want, please visit my blog too and follow me back ;) !

  5. I love Gillian Zinser! She is so unique :)

  6. i love her so much, totally from her sense of style . gorgeous


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