Friday, June 17, 2011

Jewlery Designer Exposed: All for The Mountain

Carly Margolis and her boyfriend, Matthew Morgan launched All for the Mountain back in 2009. She designs the jewelry and he designs the furniture. I adore creative couples producing and coming up with things together. I love nothing more than the blurry nights of blaring loud music with my man and getting lost in a big canvas and painting with him. Then three hours later of not speaking and painting in silence... we get to step back, snuggle each other and gaze at what we made together. There is something truly magical, spiritual, and bonding about this process. So when I come across eccentric couples who have nailed this concept down, I can only be in awe of it because the connection really does shine through the material and product.  

I have been on a serious binge of brass plated necklaces as of lately and these guys are nailing my mood right on the head with these babies below. Necklaces like these just add that perfect strange "oomph" to any outfit. I am still on a hunt for more to add to my collection... Vintage and modern takes. So far, these are the only ones that I have found to be right on the money as they are a little bit on the tribal side and not so gaudy. As we all know, I am insanely picky about jewelry because if I don't like it, I'll just make it myself!

x. juliana

Midas Ladder Necklace. This is the mother load!!! I love this to death. Ugh, what an incredible piece.
Phalanx Necklace. I would wear this everyday. It would look amazing with a ratty t-shirt and could be worn with a stunning dress. I love that this piece can go with literally anything.
This stone is so beautiful.
Shoulder Pad Necklace. This is also a winner because it is versatile. Great with any top and can also be worn with dressier pieces. That's why I love brass so much. You can dress it up or down SO easily and it always adds that teensy bit of edge to your look.


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