Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Favorite Color For Summer: MINT

Lately every time I've been lounging in the sun and flipping through my magazines, this "mint" color keeps popping out at me. I am seeing it everywhere. I continue to rummage through my closet because I am craving it on my body, yet it is seemingly absent from my wardrobe? I don't know why. Green is my favorite color. Why don't I own anything in this sweet mint shade? I am determined to do something about it. So I have created two collages including clothing, swimwear, lingerie, and accessories for us to ohh and ahh over together. Hope you're all having a good week. My weekend starts today! Yay! I am excited to lay around with my man and just relax at the beach. Ahh, I love summer... not that it ever really ends here in LA. ;)

X. Jewls

One of my favorite looks. I mean, could this be more perfectly darling? I honestly cannot stand it! The socks and the orange sunglasses that pick up the bottom layer of orange on the wedge shoe just nail it home for me. Genius. She's sexy while actually being quite covered. I love when a stylist executes this look.

1. Honeydew Intimates, Bralette $28, Boy Shorts, $15
5. Adam Pleated Shorts, $102 (from $205)
6. Rag and Bone Shirt Jacket, $315 (from $450)
13. Asos Suede Belt, $24