Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to Moonstruck Exposé!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand new blog, Moonstruck Exposé! I have spent the past two and half years over at, I Live For It, and it was a wonderful success! So whether you're a returning I Live For It reader or a brand new Moonstruck Exposé reader, I welcome you!

 Here you will find fashion articles about up-and-coming photographers, stylists, designers, artists, magazines, bloggers and webazines. Exposing the underdog is like catnip for me, (hence the word exposé)! You will also find posts on streetstyle, fashion and beauty trends, must have items and editorial shoots. On a more personal note, Moonstruck Exposé will showcase more of my own photography, travel posts, outfits and interviews with designers and artists.

I have always viewed my relationship with fashion as something that was somewhat romantic. So when coming up with a new blog name, the two words Moonstruck and Exposé, hit home for me. "Moonstruck" is how I feel when I see a piece that causes me to fall in love upon first glance. "Exposé" is like being on my very own treasure hunt and discovering a gem that I want to expose and share with everyone. Voilá! New blog title! Welcome again everyone! I'm excited to continue in all of our fashion discoveries together!

x. juliana


  1. Dear, I think I'm in love with your energy! LOL

    I was checking your old blog out and it is fab! Yes, I feel me very welcome here!!! Thank you

    Much love pretty girl,

  2. so excited for your blog! going to miss live for it!

  3. lovely blog! xx

  4. Yay and congrats on starting a brand spanking new blog. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Thanks for letting my know about the new blog !! Following you back :)


  6. congrats on the new blog


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  7. Hello! Congrats on the new blog. :)

  8. I'm so excited about joining this blog. I love the energy and I love what the blog is about. I honestly can't wait to see more!!!

  9. thank you for your comment! you are so very cute!! we follow you :)kisssss

  10. Hey,
    I´m Sarah from la-dolce-vita-meets-fashion.
    You asked about the label of the rings on the pictures at my blog. The link of the label is allways under the pictures, but here you have the link:

    Greetings from Germany :)!


  11. Hurray! I am here for ya girl!

  12. Hi juliana! Of course i'm gonna follow this blog! It's amazing!! I want to see more already!!
    You have all my support!
    Kisses from here, and thanks a lot for following my blog!

    =] Mary.

  13. Congrats on trying something new! It looks great and I look forward to reading more :)

  14. Good luck with your new blog, I am following!

  15. FAB! Can't wait to follow along. Congrats, girlfriend!! XOXO

  16. Your new site is great!!! :)
    Follow you!
    Thanks for visiting :)


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