Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unisex Jewelry Designer: M. Cohen

Jewelry for the boys too! Ah, what a concept?! In my opinion, there is nothing hotter than a guy wearing some killer layered necklaces and a stack of really unique bracelets. Note: I am not talking about the big thick Harley Davidson leather cuffs. M. Cohen designer, Maor Cohen, executes effortlessly cool everyday jewelry pieces for men and women alike. The best part of this line? It's UNISEX! Meaning, we can steal these pieces from our boys all we want. I hijack John's blue M. Cohen skull bracelet every other day. I love the idea of a couple sharing jewelry with each other. There is something so intimate and romantic about sharing jewelry pieces.

Maor Cohen began stringing beads at a local jewelry store in a small beach town north of Israel where he was raised. The owner quickly noticed his innate talent and promoted him to head designer. He later moved to Los Angles and formed his own Unisex line. Johnny Depp is a huge fan of M. Cohen (totally see that) as well as Colin Farrell, Jon Bon Jovi, and Charlize Theron. Jewelry is like art on the body to me. It personalizes your style and look so I tend buy my accessories very carefully. M. Cohen is most definitely here to stay and continues to surprise me more and more with each season! 

x. juliana

A couple of John's M. Cohen Necklaces.
 John's M. Cohen Blue Skull Bracelet stacked in between his green beaded bracelet from Kitson Men and his Shashi Skull Bracelet.
M. Cohen Necklaces add a nice edge to any simple basic outfit. I adore how easily they work with any ensemble. John wears his necklaces and bracelets everyday.
M.Cohen Lava Stone Necklace, $248. John and I are both in love with this piece. Hmmm... maybe I'll make this a birthday present for him this August! Shhh... don't tell. Then again, it would be a present to me too. Ah, gotta love unisex jewelry. ;)
M. Cohen Oxidized Silver Sword and Coin Necklace, $145. Another one on my list. Obsessed.
M. Cohen White and Gold Skull Wax Cord Bracelet, $150. I have been wanting the white version of John's blue skull bracelet forever!!! I will definitely be snatching this soon. 
M. Cohen Sterling Silver Thread Bracelet, $58. I want every color. The black, blue, grey and whites are good for boys and girls can scoop up all the fun colors! 
M. Cohen Knotted Bead and Charm Bracelet, $125. I vote for the teal one in the middle to wear for the remainder of the summer. Ah, with a tan and a killer swimsuit? Too cute!

M. Cohen Four Layered Knotted Wax Cord and Sterling Silver Beads Bracelet, $108. A great everyday bracelet for the boys! Any fashion forward guy would love love love this piece.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"BLOGGER OF THE MONTH": Jamie-Lee from Page Sixxx

Happy Monday, loves. I have some exciting news for you all!  I have come up with a delicious new idea! As of today, I am now going to feature one blog each month as Moonstruck Exposé's "BLOGGER OF THE MONTH"! This feature will include a 15 question personal fashion interview and several personal style photos. The most incredible thing to me about blogging is that we can come from all over the world, and form a tight community and readership sharing the same love... FASHION. I thought this could be a fantastic way to boost our community even more and allow us to have a sneak peak into the personal lives of some of my favorite bloggers from around the globe.

 Moonstruck Exposé's "BLOGGER OF THE MONTH" for July really does live clear across the world from me! I have been following Jamie-Lee from Page Sixxx for two years now. Her rare ability to wear and mix some of my favorite designers has always drawn me in and caught my eye. Several of my favorite designers are out of New Zealand and Australia, so naturally I have some serious wardrobe envy every time I check out Jamie-Lee's outfit posts! I adore that she always keeps her ensembles ladylike and classic! She has such a timeless style esthetic yet has a unique young vibe that keeps her outfits fresh and unpredictable. I just had to make Jamie-Lee my first "BLOGGER OF THE MONTH" because I think she has one of the most genuine, versatile, original, and cutting edge blogs out there. If you haven't already been stalking Page Sixxx, hop on board! It will immediately become one of your daily reads!


My interview with Jamie-Lee from Page Sixxx-

1. Where do you live? 

Wellington, New Zealand

2. When did you first become interested in fashion? 

I think I was always vaguely interested in it, although any mention of the trends I followed when I was younger makes me cringe! I started getting into reading fashion magazines when I was about 17-18 and it grew from there.

3. What made you decide to start a fashion blog? 

Over the years I've had a few, although pagesixxx has been the only one which has really stuck - blogging has been something which I've done from the age of 13 and since I love fashion, it was only natural that I start a fashion blog - it's almost a way to track how my style has evolved (or how I have grown into it), and a place where I can share my thoughts about fashion for like minded individuals to read, and often, contribute their own thoughts.

4. Can you describe your personal style in 5 words? 

Slightly preppy, girly and polished (I think! I am terrible at definining my own, or anyone's style - it's almost cliche to a point).

5. What are your top 3 favorite vacation spots and what can you not travel without? 

There's way too many places, but I would have to say Paris, Prague, and anywhere in Greece. As for what I can't travel without.. some kind of sweet treats! I'm not a fan of plane food so I always have to bring something with me.

6. Do you have a most treasured item out of your wardrobe? If you can't choose, you can pick a few! 

This answer is always the same - it's my Lover anita lace dress. It has the most incredible lace bat wing sleeves!

7. What are some of your favorite fashion designers?

 Lover, Karen Walker, Shakuhachi, Sretsis, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Acne and Carven to name a few.

8. What are you most inspired by? 

Where inspiration comes from is always so hard to pinpoint I find, it could be from a combination of colours I've seen in a floral display, or more commonly just from people I see on the street, in magazines or of course, on blogs. The proliferation of style images on the internet makes it easy to save favourite looks and then interpret them in your own way.

9. What 3 trends do you love most this season? 

I've been loving neons, mixed patterns and lots of lace.

10. If you could splurge on one item right now, what would it be?

 Easy. A Proenza Schouler PS11 satchel in the brown leather - or a Celine classic box bag, both are the ideal size, although the PS11 has the most beautiful hardware. Obsessed, clearly.

11. Do you have any fashion icons?

 I always love poring over old images of Audrey Hepburn as I love her classic style. I also love the laidback style of Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson - wish I could seem so effortless!

12. I have to ask, your Karen Walker collection is pretty extensive... does she have a secret underground showroom in your basement? Ha, I want in! How on earth do you source all of her amazing pieces? 

Haha, well I'm pretty lucky that in Wellington we have a flagship store, which, unfortunately for my bank account, I tend to visit often. I've also been buying from there for the past... seven or eight years so I've managed to put together quite a collection.

13. If you could snap your fingers and have your dream job, what would it be? 

My interests are pretty broad, and go from running and producing a fashion show at one end of the scale to working as a war photographer at the other.

14. What do you think was the worst trend of all time? 

This is a hard one, as you could rule something out now and end up wearing it a year later. I'm not sure if this was New Zealand only that was hit with this blunder, but when I was in school it was all the rage to wear a short sleeve top, which was a more fitted version of a men's rugby jersey in bright colours with wide horizontal stripes. Not only were the colours an eye-sore, they were the most universally unflattering garment.

15. If you could spend a day with anyone in the fashion industry, who would it be? 

Most probably Anna Della Russo - she embodies fashion.

Thanks so much for the interview, darling! I adore all of your responses! 

Jamie-Lee's Personal Style:

 Jamie-Lee's favorite garment, her Lover Lace dress she mentioned in her interview. I agree, the sleeves are utterly stunning!

Outfit Details: American Apparel blouse, Karen Walker skirt, Miu Miu shoes. I love how she ties this whole outfit up into perfection with that killer belt. I adore how crisp and fresh this looks! 
 Outfit Details: American Apparel top; Glassons skirt; Camilla & Marc leather jacket; Chloe heels; Karen Walker belt; YSL & Meadowlark rings. This was one of my all time favorite outfit posts. That is saying a lot because she has a zillion and they're all killer. I literally gasped when I saw this jacket. I am so in love with the construction of it and as you all know I am a leather fiend. 
Outfit Details: Lover blouse, J. Crew skirt, Acne cardigan, Chloe heels, Triwa watch, Topshop bracelet, Esty, Meadowlark & KW rings. Her J. Crew skirt paired with an Acne cardigan? Aghhh! Jamie-Lee's ability to pair low end and high end together is exquisite! This is such an amazing ensemble. 
One of my FAVORITE Karen Walker dresses of Jamie-Lee's! Ugh, I would live in this! So sweet, right?! And how gorgeous does she look in that first shot? 
Dress and Boots from Shakuhachi (one of her favorite designers). Yes, those boots are bad ass. I would have snatched em' up too... no matter the cost!
A lil' sneak into Jamie-Lee's wardrobe. Details: Prada Black Heels, La Dama and Cheap Monday Rings.
 Outfit Details, Asos Blazer, Topshop faux leather leggings, Marc Jacobs Heels. No words. Jamie-Lee's Red Marc Jacobs Heels add a unique edge and spunk to any outfit. These are one of my favorite pairs out of her insanely amazing shoe collection!
Outfit Details: Glassons blouse, Sretsis skirt, Miu Miu heels, Meadowlark and other ring from Paris, Karen Walker sunglasses. One of the biggest things Jamie-Lee and I have in common is our obsession with the clothing line, Stretsis. This skirt blew me awaaaaay when I first saw it. The background just makes her outfit look even more magical. Who is ready to hop on plane to New Zealand with me? I mean how gorgeous is it there, right? I truly love the way she has paired this light lavendar Glassons blouse with the coral colored Sretsis skirt. Who thinks to do that? Only Jamie-Lee. :) 

Well, loves. There you go. Moonstruck Exposé's first "BLOGGER OF THE MONTH".  Hope you've enjoyed my interview and style photos with the gorgeous Jamie-Lee of Page Sixxx. Xoxoxo.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outfit Post: Layouts and Shopping with a Bestie

Wednesday morning was going to be just another regular day for me. I normally wake up, make a pot of coffee, climb back into bed with my cats, open my MacBook, read up on all things social media, and blog for a few hours. Then I popped on Facebook to read a message from one of my nearest and dearest best friends, Annie, that she was going to be here in LA for a day! I quickly threw my bathing suit on, packed my big Boris Bidjan Saberi bag full of about 15 magazines, my Canon, a change of clothes, my usual 5 pairs of sunglasses, and then jumped in my car (put the top down cause it's been gorgeous here in LA) and headed over to meet her. Upon arrival at Annie's hotel, we proceeded to bask in the sun for a few hours, gossip and caught up on life, took down one too many piña colada's, and then walked up to her room and took an hour long nap! Perfect day! We then drove over to Larchmont Village to eat some Greek Food and go to one of my favorite boutiques, Library. The owner, Mike Mizrahi, has the most genius buying eye in LA and is also a very talented designer. He's become a buddy of mine and I never leave his store without causing serious damage to my bank account. Below is a little photo diary of our girly LA day together. Hope you're all well!

x. juliana

The sun was insanely bright and Annie's sunglasses weren't doing the trick for her! Good thing I carry several pairs with me... so I gave her my Prada's to keep her from going blind! 

 Outfit Details: Sun Hat, San Diego Hat Co, Balenciaga Sunglasses, Black Cutout One Piece Bathing Suit.
Snuggled up in towels before our naptime! Haha, we look like we are married. In love with this.
Blurred Rainbow.
Outdoor space at Library Boutique.
Outfit Details: Chloe Tamaris Leather Trimmed Aviators, Kain Black Tank, Rag and Bone Lace Up Pants with Leather Patched Knees, Guillaume Hinfray Leopard Flats, Shashi, M. Cohen, LuvAj, and Lena Bernard Bracelet Stacks, Chanel Gold Handbag Necklace, Various Erin Wasson Low Luv, Noir, and Chanel rings, Black Leather Laser Cut Handbag from Scout.
Annie looking adorable walking back to the car with her amazing purchases from Library.
Time to go home. My car is packed with our new goods!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Says We Can't Wear Leather In The Summer?

Anyone who knows my style well will tell you that I incorporate leather into my outfits 70% of the time. Not head to toe in some gothic way, just a piece here and there to keep my ensembles a tad off kilter. I would say overall that my style esthetic is experimental, playful, unpredictable, and a bit punk/rockish. For instance, I would wear a crisp white baby doll dress from the 60's with knee highs paired with a leather jacket and black combat boots. When I get dressed I like to mix a bit of everything. If people crane their necks and give me a look of, "Woah, what was that girl wearing?", then I think I've had a successful day. All you fashionistas know exactly what I am talking about and it's not from an arrogant place. Our body is our canvas! We basically paint with our clothes! Each day is a different mood, hence each day we wear different outfits! The whole point of fashion is to express ourselves, make an impact, and share our passion through our personal style. Why not go all out? Well, I have decided not to hang up my leather pieces this summer! Instead, I have gathered some gorgeous leather garments below that we can wear through the sweltering days and still look amazing! Let me know which one is your favorite because I am having the hardest time choosing just one!

x. juliana

Floral Leatherette Dress, $64. Speechless. Who would think to trim the top of this darling floral maxi in leather? Genius! I am obsessed and can we talk about the price? This is a no brainer.
Horace Leather Hotpants, $93. For those of you that have been dying for a pair of leather shorts but can't find em' for less than $800 bucks. Done and done! These are the ones! I am ordering these right now!
 Joseph Leather Trimmed Jersey Tank, $245. Such a sweet girly top with a little bit of leather trim to edge it up. A perfect basic!
 Twist & Tango Leather Bell Skirt, $181. I love the color and construction of this skirt and it is completely year round. I would wear it with knee highs or tights with boots in the fall and winter months. 
 Push Button Red Leather Pants, $310. You gotta be reeeeeally daring to wear these hot red babies. I kind of seriously need them in my life.
Horace Leather Black Vest, $249. Horace honestly slays me. I collect his pieces. I live for them.
I CANNOT deal with the back of this little number.
Improvd Layna Leather Jacket, $548. For those chilly nights when you need a killer jacket to throw over a cute little sundress. Done.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outfit Post: Bouchon Bistro

My sister, Allison and I adore Bouchon in Beverly Hills. Their menu is to die for and the drinks are beyond delicious. The Juniper Elixir Martini is my achilles heel (think elderflower liquor, desert juniper gin, lemon juice, topped off with a single cranberry.) So when our favorite cousin, Melanie, popped into LA for a visit we naturally decided to all meet here for dinner. Arriving at 5:30 we ate, drank, gossiped, and laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore. We checked our watches and realized it was 10:30 PM! Time flies when you're with amazing company.

 I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I'm off to cook some breakfast and plan to spend the rest of my day in the sun reading magazines. I love having days when I have absolutely nothing to do! 

x. juliana

Outfit Details: My Grandmothers Jacket from the 1940's, Kain Black Cropped Top, Brown Suede Mini Skirt, Prada Crocodile and Straw Woven Pumps, Prada Sunglasses.
 We always sit outside at Bouchon because it's so gorgeous. It looks over a darling courtyard as you can see on the left.
 Bouchon's famous BLT. Omg, I crave these at 4 AM.
I am exclaiming here, "Uh, save me some of that sandwich!!!" Look at John's cute little innocent face. He's like, "What'd I do??" Baha.
 John is obsessed and eats it anyway. I don't mind cause I order two more for the table. Haha.
My sis, Allison and her hubby, Petrit.

All I need in life. My Prada Sunnies, a Juniper Elixir Martini, a fantastic meal, my man, and my family. Done. (notice the order of my list, hahaha) This is most definitely a fashion blog.