Thursday, August 11, 2011

LA's Best Kept Secret: Barrington Court Health and Beauty

After living in Los Angeles for 5 years, I can safely say that I have been to just about every top salon and spa in town. I have had massages, facials, waxes, you name it, and let's just say... brand and name does not always guarantee amazing services. I've walked out of the Four Seasons Spa plenty of times, looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "Oh, God... where did my eyebrows go!" Last year my sister, Allison, moved into the darling area of Brentwood here in LA around the corner from Barrington Court Health and Beauty. This quaint obscure store quickly became her "one stop shop" for all of her beauty products as well as candles and more. Barrington Court Health and Beauty also provides you with a unique full service menu for your mind body and soul. Hey, I'll take a facial over food any day, haha! Allison and I popped in a few weeks ago to meet with one of the owners, Roxanne. She graciously let me interview her and snap some fabulous photos of the store. 

Allison and I received complimentary facials with Barrington Court Health and Beauty's incredible aesthetician, Lisa Wilson. Lisa is hands down the best aesthetician in LA because she doesn't just have a facials menu where you pick 1 through 5. She meets with you, consults, talks about your skin, then customizes your facial based on what you truly need. I have never met anyone as thorough and genuine as Lisa. She is absolutely incredible and doesn't do any harsh peels that will have you walking out of there looking like your skin burned off! I see a lot of that in LA! I really respect that Lisa takes her time with her clients and makes sure that they get the treatment that they need. I immediately booked another appointment with Lisa to get my brows waxed and tinted and they have never looked better! 

As you walk into Barrington Court Health and Beauty you immediately feel calm and welcomed by Roxanne and her Mother, Freida. They are two of the kindest women I have met in all my years here in LA. They are incredibly helpful with all thing beauty related. This store is not stuffy or snobby like most other beauty stores in LA which I most appreciate . They also take their discretion and privacy very seriously which is most likely why celebrities flock to Barrington Court Health and Beauty to have all their treatments done! 

Below is my interview with, Roxanne. It is chock full of awesome skin care questions that I honestly wanted to pick her brain about! I will be referencing this post for years to come! I hope you all enjoy this great beauty post and are doing fantastic! Sorry for being MIA for the past few days. John and I just drove cross country to Nashville, TN to visit family for a few weeks... but we are here now and I'm back to the blog world! ;) Much love to every single one of you! Kisses!

x. juliana

1. Who founded Barrington Court Health and Beauty and what year did it open?

Barrington Court Health and Beauty (BCH&B) is family owned and operated by my mother and I since 1993 (Freida and Roxane).  The space used to be a flower shop and we revamped it completely.  We are now very proud to be the leading retail beauty supply boutique here in Brentwood and have been known as "The One Stop Shop for Your Body and Soul".

2. In all of your years in business could you say there has been one reliable product that has stood the test of time?

In our very private 1400sqft Brentwood location, we carry the most complete lines of skin, hair, bath and body products.  In all of our years of business, we can say that Dermalogica Skin Care and Thymes Bath and Body Collection have been the two most reliable product lines that we have carried since day one.

3. LA seems to be fairly saturated with beauty stores and spas. What would you say sets Barrington Court Health and Beauty apart from all the others?

What sets BCH&B apart from all the other beauty stores and spas in our very saturated Los Angeles markert, is that in addition to the our staff and owners emphasizing quality and personalized service to each and every one of our customers seven days a week, we make sure we are always current and up to date with our most extensive selection of bath, body, skin, hair, accessories and candle collections.  In addition, we personally get in our cars and gladly do free local delivery.

4. I am 26 years old and am beginning to regret laying out in the sun, and I know some of my readers are starting to feel the same way! What would you reccomend to the 20-somethings who are just beginning to use anti-aging products?

 The 20-somethings who are just beginning to use anti-aging products should realize the importance of the following three basic steps as their daily routine:  1- cleans and exfoliate twice a day (we recommend Dermologica Microfoliant in combination with the Clarasonic) 2-  light eye cream and appropriate skin care cream should also be part of the routine twice a day 3- last but not least, no matther what the weather condition of the day happens to be, applying SUNBLOCK IS A MUST!

5. You mentioned that even men come to your store for treatments as it is tucked away and discrete! For all of us who need gift ideas for the men in our lives, what men's products do you suggest?

 Men seem to be very comfortable getting their facial treatments, back waxing and or nose/ear/brow trimming here in our tucked away private room upstairs in the salon area.  Jack Black, Dermalogica and American Crew are just a few of our most popular requested men's products.

6. I have incredibly long, thick hair that is hard to condition; it gets a little oily at the top and dry at the bottom. What would you recommend for me? Overall, what are your top five favorite hair products for women at the moment?

Our top five favorite hair products for women are:  Frederic Fekkai, Phillip B, Rene Feurterer, Phyto and Morrocon Oil. Also for long thick hair that gets a little oily at the top and dry at the botton, we recommend a cleansing shampoo for normal to oil hair in addition to a deep conditioner only for the pony tail down - excellent combo!

7. My sister, Allison, often hops in to your store to grab a Voluspa or Votivo candle on her way to a birthday/dinner party/wedding shower/house warming, etc. Your store is most definitely a one-stop shop for many things! What are your most common gift suggestions for customers on the run?

Our most common gift suggestions are without a doubt "pampering gift baskets" for any and all occassions.  Men and women all work very hard these days juggling parenthood and the corporate world.  A basket of bath and body salts, bubbles, massage oil and of course candles to set the mood and ambiance is the way to go.  We can choose it all together or customers who are on the run can gladly call in phone order requests and have it all ready for curbside pickup.

8. I collect eyeliner in every color imaginable - almost like crayons! It's so frustrating when they smudge, run, or clump. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a good one! What eyeliners brands do you trust? 

After all these years in business, oddly enough, "Sorme Cosmetic Eyeliners" at $7.99 have won our trust in not smudging, running or clumping but at the same time very soft to apply around the eyes.

9. My sister and I discovered the Butter London nail polish in your store a few months ago and have since accrued quite an extensive collection. We are both admitted nail polish addicts, yet we saw Butter at your store before anyone else was selling the line. How do you stay on top of the ever changing beauty trends?

We absolutely love "Butter London"!  Attending gift shows (LA, Las Vegas, New York) 3-4 times a year and truly listening to what customers wish they had or could find, has been the key to staying on top of the constant changing beauty trends.

10. We spoke about your current favorite line, Thymes, that you are carrying straight out of Paris. Can you tell us a little more about this brand?

Our current favorite line has been, "Cote Bastide" Bath and Home Fragrance Products. An understated style and a unique collection of fine home treasures shipped straight out of Paris, France.

11. Unlike most beauty stores that I have frequented in LA your store offers a full service salon. What are some of your most popular treatments?

We are very proud of our clinical aesthetician on board, Mrs. Lisa Wilson. As a popular skin care therapist of more than 20 years, Lisa specializes in customizing her treatments by incorporating her PCA peels, microdermabrasion and oxygen blast combos as she finds them appropriate for each and every one of her clients.  Just ask for Lisa's Signature Facial and you will be in great hands!

12. My last question is a freebie. Please share with us one more interesting fact about Barrington Court Health and Beauty!

 Last but not least, BCH&B is fully dedicated to service and value.  All of our specialists enjoy whay they do and it reflects on the smiles and repeat business of our clients.  We promise individual attention, privacy and great value for all of our customers: women, men and children/teens included. 

 Roxanne with her mother Freida and her two nieces. 
 Ahhh, it's a product heaven!
I want to buy that hot salt scrub next time I'm there! It looks divine!
 Roxanne's niece popping in to grab some new goodies.
 Her summer nail polish picks by Butter London and Essie.
 My sister grabbed the far right sparkly red Butter London nail polish. I can't wait to steal it and not give it back, ha! ;) Next time I'm in, I'll have to grab that awesome purple to add to the collection we have going!

Just in case you happen to be a fan of OPI. ;) You have quite a selection here at Barrington Court Health and Beauty.
 Voluspa has been my absolute favorite candle line for years now. Nothing on earth smells better than a Voluspa candle. I go through tons of these every month!
 These make great gifts too! My sister and I have gotten all of our friends completely hooked!
 Ahh, this picture just makes me happy. Voluspa packaging is so pretty.
 OPI's new Shatter nail polish.
 I just painted the black OPI Shatter on top of my baby blue pastel nail polish and I LOVE it!
 Eyeliner. Pick a color any color!
 They run no shortage of baby products either! 
 California Baby
 Knotty Girl. I love the name of this line. 
 I want babies so I can buy all of these cute products!
 These watches are really cute! I want the teal one!
 Darling headbands and cuffs! I am pretty sure my sister has snatched up a bunch of hers here. That pink headband is to die for! SO cute.
Hair accessories for days.
These flats are called "Sidekicks" and are genius. They come in a little pouch, you pop em' in your bag, and when your feet start hurting from your heels... you throw them on! I love this concept! Great for NYC girls.
They come in pink and gold.
 My two favorite hair products... Kérastase and Morrocon Oil. My sister and I go through this stuff like craaaazy.
j.f. lazartigue
Philip B. and Leonor Greyl
Mario Badescu
One of Roxanne's favorite items in the store is the Original Beauty Blender. This amazing sponge is a whole new way to apply foundation. You use the larger end of the sponge for your cheeks, forehead and chin and the smaller side is used for your eyes and nose. It creates a more finished look without streaks and reaches places that normal sponges never could! 
 Lisa used all Dermalogica during my facial and now I am using their entire line. I am obsessed and it's doing wonders for my skin. I have never really had "skin issues" persay but every time I have ever used anything other than my old Neutrogena soap bar (haha), my skin has just freaked out. This is the only line that my skin has ever adjusted to right off the bat and it looks so radiant and healthy! If you have sensitive skin and our in a "product rut", I totally recommend Dermalogica!
 Jack Black. Great product gift ideas for the men in our lives! "Beard Lube", bahahaha... I love that.
Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm on the far right, how cute! I love lines that have cute fun names for their products!
Roxanne and me.
Could they all be more gorgeous and darling together? I love that this Barrington Court Health and Beauty is family owned. It really gives it such a warm, homey, personal feel that is so rare and hard to find in Los Angeles. This is truly what sets the energy of their store apart from all the others.
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